Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

I'll make this short. Azam tahun baru mok size sluar jean 27! Sapa tauk tahun tok blh jadi kurus!! Lejuk nengar asl nemu aunty msti mdh 'gemok na ktk sha'. This year mok dgr cdak mdh mcm tok gk "kurus dh ktk sha". HaHa! So let's accept the challenge! Hehe..

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


well hellooooo! it's been a long time since my last update rite? huhu well,let's get used to it since i made up my mind no matter how bz i am, i won't delete my blog cuz i syg this blog so much. *wink* i will update it whenever i want though it took a lot of time to update new post since i'm bz haha. i wonder like how other people like students can update their blogs everynite?! how did they do that?? like they don't sleep?? k nuff said.

since my twitter doesn't have privacy anymore cuz i follow so many cousins, close friends so it feels like i'm not that open to expose my feeling there anymore. so my last choice is blog! i need u rite now as my punching bag. hahhhhhh.. hehe. fb?? ohhh dh dianak tirikan juak.. just post gambar and check in.. nothing personal there anymore!

well rite now i'm so mad at him while doing my assignments and i cannot focus bcoz of this stupid thing running in my mind! it's  like we're not couple but we fight like we're in a relationship.. boy i'm tired.. we can't confess each other's feeling becoz ahmmmm... the boundary between us that i can't tell.. this boundary that sometimes keep us distance and this fight is not worth it coz i know that we don't belong to each other. i know he knew it so am i..  i need to move on.. God pliz give me the stregth.. i wanna be happy.. this happy feeling with him it's just temporary and fantasy.. it's not real. wake up!! *facepalm!*

p/s: now i can focus on my assignments! thx for being a great listener dear blog! muah.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Life so far is nothing but work work & doing the responsiblities. Everyday is the same and am getting a lil bored of it. Dont really fancy my job actually after seing it, oberved it and done it! QS is nothing but "Quli Selamanya". That's the term i gave for it. No doubt, its a professional job.. Yeah, professional . Kuli professional in my perception. Smua qs, ya qs tok qs juak molah mpun jak smua... Is that my future gonna be like in 5 to 6 years to come?? being a kuli? 

I spend my time a lot, thinking of it.. since i dont wanna take my future lightly.. So i'm thinking of changing my course during dgree..hopefully i pass the diploma then changing the course. I mean, what for doing the job that we dont have passion in doing it?? Nothing but depression.

But being in construction industry, u dont complain of having NO LIFE, cuz ur life is the work u're doing. U dont mention about how less the time u spend on ur family and ur frens. That's the reality. 

Anyways, cut the crap. Im thinking of changing to be site supervisor, or construction manager. Something like less being instructed and more like giving instruction! =P Something that's no need to do the measuremnt lame kind of thing. Something that is more at the site than in the office. But my skin is to be sacrificed! Lol. Like seriously it happened. The chinese guy (eg: site officer,site eng.) in the office look so tanned. So instead of looking like Lee he turn to look more like ermm Raju?? lol. So am going to think wisely about it. Its not just about a job, but our own capability is to be measured. 'Mok jd doktor tp sains fail.' That's what i meant.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

just for fun!

hey there... i been looking for some times to spend to update my blog, so tonite is the nite.. finally.heh..i even take a risk to stay up tonite just to update my blog though tomorrow i'll be working... what a

i bet u all know Hana Tajima kan kan? so unlucky me i just knw her few weeks ago i think, when one of my friends mentioned her name in twitter. and i asked who is this Hana Tajima people always talking about. Then i stalk her blog. I was so amazed to c her.. the person is as pretty as the name.. No wonder she's so famous.. She's one of a well known fashion designer and she's the one who chaged the trend of hair cover into something trendy and look fashionable. So u can boo me for being so fall behind. i dont mind..heheh

i feel bored tonite, so i thought why don't i try the Hana Tajima hair cover style.. and why not! just for fun! berdango is my current hobby, so apa lagik! these are the reults of my first trial!


first trial, FAIL! hahah, i think most probably bcoz the shwl is too heavy.. not suitable for Hana Tajima style.. since we just moved in to new house, mum didnt bring all her the choice of tudung is quite limited.. heh. i'll try again next time. *wink

 i saw this style from someone's blog.. not that difficult to manage.. but quite kamboh lah rupanya...

anyhow, i wont take a risk using that thick shwl to go to the street or anywhere outside my house that doesnt have aircond  to cool me cuz u'll suffer from the heat!

and this one, i made it myself! my own creation. lol. simple owhh? just nice.. hehe..

ok that's all... kelak berdango gk.. heheh... and sorry for the poor quality of the pictures.. i just took it using camera was running out of battery and mls nak cas! hope u like em.. :D

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch Movie

Sucker Punch? oh i'm not sure how many times did i press the forward button.. and whats up with that part when she go to different world and having some kind of war but actually in the real world she is dancing?! i dont get it like seriouly... i dont get this whole point of story... i rather scratching my eyes than to watch it for the second time.. get me?
p/s: i just wasted my 5 ringgit buying the DVD when i shud be patient waiting my boyfriend to give the movie into my external :( *kedekut taik ****)

Green Lantern

G.L was ohsome ok! i dont get it some people said it was lame and so on.. To me its cool. No, not because the hero is green, which is one of my favourite colour heheh. It is different from other sciene fction movie and the superpower is not too cliche as their power just came from their imagination.. If they imagine a super big hammer as big as building, then it will come out from their hand.. But of course he need the magic ring and to be the chosen one.. 

Plus, who will get bored watching a hottie like Ryan Reynolds starring in this movie and featuring Blake Lively as the heroine! her acting never bored me and she is getting prettier! 

this is my favourite romantic scene.. when Hal confess his super power and give that green necklace to Carol.

Overall i like the storyline,full of suspend and unpredictable scene. and  next is Transformer 3 baby! can't wait to see Shia Labeouf! ^.^

It's true that

Life give us hope. Then people give us promises as if we still have another opportunity make us hold on to our hope.. But when they can't fulfil the promises given, it crash us and we are no longer hold on to that hope anymore thus end up with bigger disappointment...

So when people give us promises, dont confer too much hope cuz sometimes the promises are just a sweet lie..

Friday, June 24, 2011

pliz understand me

i just wish for some little space, some little time for myself.. i need a life too.. sigh~

Kak Lehot in the house..

introducing u Kak Lehot in Zon Inggar bersama Kak lehot..nok makin pemos dlm utube, station radio ngan fb nok mulut cerobeh ya bah..

nok nama nya org Srawak tok nang kuat penginggar myb sebab ya idea ya dtg ngan nya lalu molah rancangan tok kali... hahah.. bgus bah sbnanrnya nok dselak nya ya, smua nya benanr.. ada pengajaran n mesej pakey kta dsambel kita tetak perey belaik mata nengar apa nak dpadah nya.. sapa2 yg msh lom tauk Kak Lehot, bukak jak utube zon inggar, adalah nya.. trademark nya nok plg best: muka khau tek kacak??! hahaha

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

my collection

Tadaaaa~ This is my stuff, girly stuff that i collected.. This is just half of them cuz the rest xmuat msuk dlm gambar hehe. Make up is girl's bestfriend and u can't deny it.. Even u dont have as many as these, u must have at least one for example eye liner or lipgloss, the basic thg in ur handbag. Eye liner is a must for girl & i seriously can't live with it.. My favourite one from u can see in the picture is my Stage lipstick.. Its in peach colour and my lips will look pinkish and a lil bit orangy when i used it and i like like it. I always use it when going to work or class.. I only use the eye shadow when i go to dinner or 'pengilan' cuz i dont really like to use eye shadow.. But i like to collect it as many as possible because i just love to see it.. weird isn't it.. Most of the time i finish the eye shadow to make up my cousins before we're going to pengilan and we're like meet at aunty's house and i will be the one who make up them. Its fun. Hehe.. Sometimes, its a hobby.. Do the make over with myself than taking picture, but before that i will go through the magzne and try the make up style from it.

This post is just for fun cuz i am damn bored rite now and just feel like blogging.. Tee Hee.

Maharaja Lwak

i been addicted to Maharaja Lawak lately, and this is my favourite week of Jozan.. my fovourite group is Jozan of course, so vote for them.. technically i didnt vote for themlah, hehe just hope that they will win cuz they are the best starting from the first week.. both of them have chemistry no wonder their jokes are so funny.. i really hope they win this competition! Hehe.. Go Jozan!

Long Distance - Bruno Mars

my favourite song so far... enjoy it!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

real world is tough.

i been trying to blog lately but pardon me for being so bz with life...i have so limited time since i'm working even no time for myself.. but guess what, so many things happened lately and now i know how cruel and bitchy life can get..

have u ever been backstab by the person u just knew and the hell they said bad things about us when actually its not true at all.. and yes, this cruel situation happened to me at the place where i work.. no wonder when i first saw her, i have a bad feeling about her.. my instinct never lie.. just because that small understanding, conflict begin between me and really brings me down after i knew what she said about me.. i was afraid that things she said give bad reputation to my name and my practical marks.. luckily i have my lecturer to settle evrything, and i feel so protected..

not a good start of working experience isn't it?? i know.. but my lec. advice me to calm down and just be patient towards her.. just act like nothing's happen...this is the real work situation , its tough. u will meet different type of people..u can't run but to deal with it..i have to pretend to be nice to her eventhough being fake with my feelings is not my principal. i'm a honest person, if i dont like somenone, it shows in my eyes.. but u cant bring this attitude when working.. u gotta be professional with ur officemate..

and yes, i act nothing's happened eventhough breathing in the same room with her make me feel so sick.. but i have no choice but to deal with it.. thanks to her, she made me feel stronger.. i dont afraid of what people said behind my back anymore..nothing can break me..

~Happy Father's Day, dear Dad~

i wish u can hear me down here wishing u Happy Father's Day, Dad.. u know i miss u so much, though it's been so long u leaving us, but still i miss u everyday and day... its been a regret since i never tell u how much i love u, cuz i'm not the type that express the feelings with family.. but u know i love u Dad. sometimes my heart ache when i need u so bad when i need the comfort of a father when i need the advice about life.. i just wish to talk to u, even in my dreams i'll be happy..

i dunno why, after u're gone.. i get so sensitive.. i tend to cry easily..even little things can make me cry.. but i never tell anybody how much i miss u even with mum..i'm just crying alone wthout letting anyone else know how much i miss u.. when i feel like i need to talk to you but i cant, i cried so bad.. when i fight with lil sis, but mum back up her i wish u are there to support me.. when i confused about life, u are there to give the best advice..

but i know, tears cant bring u back eventhough how much i miss u...and i just wanna say this.. Happy Father's Day Pak! i love u till the world ends and i always proud to call u my Dad, my hero.. al-Fatihah..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

this is how i fall in love with CA!

Have u watch burlesque, people?? Man i tell u Cristina Aguilera in this movie was super duper awesome! I fall in love with her right after wathcing this movie. Her voice, her move, her face and her body. Erghhh, u gonna melt.. This movie is about the night club where cristina work and how she became the top singer and dancer there..i give 5 stars. U must watch ok, and btw there's one cute hot  guy also acting in this movie.. =D Enjoy!

gonna leave so soon

ahhhh, i can't wait to leave this office! i dont like my qs here.. like seriously i dont like her. tgk muka nya pun dh berbual. breathing in the same room with her make me sick. she is not that friendly also.. i'm going to leave this office soon as there's no Qs here.. the one here is only doing the qs work but actually she is civil eng.. the requirement for my practical is to have atleast one Qs in the office so yeah whether i'm going to transfer at main office or find other place.. currently i'm at the site office.. i just wasting my 2 weeks here doing nothing. terbaeklahhh huhu T___T so now, am waiting the feedback from the HQ. Hopefully they will transfer me at the main office same with Azah, my classmate. ahhh, Pray for me!

show off post. lol

so yeah, bought a new hp, its BlackBerry Curve 8520.. my old hp dh innalillah so got to have the new one. am not that happy when i got one, as i wish to have it in white colour but it's out of stock..and i have a dilemma before buying this cuz whether to buy android or bb  as my boyfriend are using android but many of my frens are using bb(tough decisions), so i decided to have bb as its easier to reach my friends tru bbm.. its ok, there's WhatsApp application so can msg my boyfriend free.. hehe... one thing when using bb is, its complicated to manage the internet setting. Have to go here and there, ahhh kambohh ehh.. Now dh ok dh so am glad.. do add me k. 26FAFF50

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

hope today will be better

2 days straight of bad luck, and i wish it will end today!

the first day happened after i got back from my work while i was walking at the roadside.. i was walking slowly cuz i wore 4 inch wedges and it is not that stable.. *maklumlah kerja opis, t'paksa makey nak kedakya*.. and out of sudden, snap! i found out that i was at the ground with my bag and my laptop and man you donno how painful my knee was. *terbabak kulit ku ehhh* T__T  I felt like i wanna cry, but control2.. *org rami supan nangis, x cool x cool.* one of the guy was so kind to pick my bag then i stand again and walk 'tergencot'.. kesian kan... sob2. =(

the second one happened yesterday.. this one is very stupid and embarrassing! after i park my car i walk out from the carpark and realized my shoes 'terbabak' and i just ignore it cuz i'm late to go office. But then i thought walking like this was so embarrassing, so i returned back to my car and looking for spare slipper but only my sister's wedges that i found, again. i was desperate so i just use it but didn't fit me well. i thought i'm gonna buy new slipper since berjalan pun x stabil makey wedges ya.. and, too bad i didnt bring my purse i left it in the office!!  here goes the embarrassing part. U know what, i was so desperate i borrowed the money from mak cik tukang jaga carpark eh! this desperate moment i will never forget! hahaha.. luckily she land me 10 ringgit that i promise i will pay later on...

those two days were so embarrassing and i will laugh everytime i think how desperate that moment was.

Monday, June 6, 2011

while working hehe

boleh gk aku main blog tok kotan ku boring ahh opis ehhh... ilek jak ohhh... maka supervisor sblh jak. hahaha... ku lalek apa boring bah...time tok tgh buat v.o (variation order) ngak key in jak.. biuk nyawa tok molah kerja key in ehhh... x sbr mok buat kerja yg kira2 ya... pelik oh, g kerja semangat nak belajar, tp bla g kelas xda semangat nak blajar cmtok... hehe, klah, nak smbung buat kerja.. bye!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Practical yow~

2 more days to go for practical.. OMG, which means 2 days left of my precious holidays!! i'm excited plus hmmm what can i say... working on saturday while everyone else is enjoying their weekend.. erghhh..a lil bit kesian lah for me working until saturday.. ko phm... sehari ngak cuti dlm seminggu... xda life ehhh... dolok netak reza, kinektok turn aku dh! hahah.. rasakan

anyways, i'm going to do my best during the period.. i know i'm slow in learning, but i will put higher effort and take this opportunity to learn about QS.. all this while, we're learning the theory but this time i'm learning how to practic it in real life.. a bit excited rite?

well i know, there'll be a lot of pressure here and there.. sbb time pektikal jak ada high potency mok naitkan CGPA.. but i dont want any pressure this time, i just want to enjoy learning and gain lot of knowledge! berkobar2 tok! hahah..

k bye! will update u later.. muah~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

happy but not enough

hey there, my result just came out last nite.. i PASS! which means i'm going to prectical next semester.. yeay me~

unfortunately, i'm not really happy with my pointer.. at first i dont care bout it, juss wanna pass. when i know everybody's else, i mean my classmates did better than me, greater result, i felt so upset...pointer nait, tp ngak sejemput!  sigh~ of all the hardworks and sacrifice i made but still didnt pay off...

i wish i knew my weekness and do it better next time... yeah.. i guess..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

that's not true

before i sleep, there's one song which one of its sentence always playing in my head. it's this song call price tag. there goes this sentence: why does everybody so upset?? MONEY CAN'T BUY US HAPPINESS. there u go. money can't buy us happiness?? lie lie lie. disagree! bangkang! how can u be happy without money?? when everything in life is all about money. it hurts me to make the statement.  i'm not telling that i'm some kind of "mata duitan", gold digger or anything that cross ur mind. but its the fact ok... there's no more love can bring u happiness without money in this need for me to explain about it, fhm sendiriklah nak.. hish..that song ah... nonsense... y dont u chage the lyric to YES MONEY CAN BRING US HAPPINESS.hahaha... ya jak tek sbenanya... =.=' ok ngerco... Gudnite yall!

ketulahan yg amat

ini sudah melampau! ada patut kentut depan muka org?! kejadian ini b'laku semasa memilih kain di kamdar... sedang sibuk melihat comforter, tba2 terdengar seorg perempuan melepaskan gas beracun dgn bunyi yg halus tp msh lagi kedengaran...  ko igt aku bengal x dgr kau kentut???? pandey kau kaber ohhh...diam jak nya tepi sukut. hahahha... kimen bna.... sekian terima kasih.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Pejam celik pejam celik, x berasa dh 20 dh umo tok...semakin hari semakin tua diri ini.. Somehow i wish to stop growing up because i'm kinda afraid of getting old! hahah.. well, that's the fact i guess. People are fear to get older cuz how much we really enjoy to be young and stay forever young and have fun thus get carried away of it. 

As i grow older, i'm really eager to have fun in mylife, so i want to enjoy my life while i can cuz life is too good and too short to be wasted! and i still don't have enough of it hehe. Well, life is all about having fun isn't it? Do it like Rebecca's style! "FUN FUN FUN think about FUN" hahaha! But still we need to remember, just don't get 'overdose' of it cuz we need something to achieve in life too..

p/s: Nothing really change when reaching 20 cuz i still use those cartoon panties. Hahahah! i bet u do too girls =P  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ding Dong!

whoah! hello readers! IT'S been ages rite.. berhabuk, berlabah2 dh blog tok ehhhh... kaseh... Sorry blog for being abandon, been busy with this hectic life! well, it's holiday again! fuhhh.. no more worries about assignment and everything ^.^ anyways i will update everything later on ok. Since its holiday, i have lots of things on my mind, lots of thing's going on and lots of fun activities to be updated! hehe... smell ya later! XOXO

ngegeh nak... hahahah.. boring ba.. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

my sick obsession

I got this sick obsession which I never mention it in my blog except for my twitterlah ofcourse. Twitter update sikit. Hehe. Well guys, am totally obsess with make up, you know that girl stuff. I get really excited whenever I see, I touch, I rub and I play (Lol) make up for example eye shadow. Bro, u dunno how obsess I am with those stuff am serious. I can spend like 1 hour dlm kedey make up ajak! and I stare at one eye shadow like 10 minutes I guess. Eventhough I didn't buy it after those long stares Haha, I got so happy u know. Few days ago I bought  new eye shadow with 8 colors complete with the brushes. U dont know how much it made my day!! Hahaha. Seriuosly. The moment I reached home after buying those, alu ngetest! Ko paham ng kejeron. Haha!

Eventually, am not the kind that use 2 inch or maybe 3inch of make up to classes or shopping mall. That is so 25 haha. Am still 19 ok.. I just use simple make up but eventhough simple, but it's a must. Hehe .Just when I have a big event like dinner or pengilan nikah, boleh ku ngeluar skill ku berias. Lol. Rasa pandey gilak jak. Am just a beginner and there's a lot I still need to learn. This obsession has become my secret ambition. I wanna be a make up artist!! Like seriously, it is really a cool job and I always imagining myself in the make up room make up-ing the artist with those complete make up set and brushes sponsored by Mac, Bobbi Brown, or Loreal perhaps. I wanna wanna wanna! bestkan mun jadi kenyataan.

I practised a lot, so here are some pictures of my make over session. Sorry x brapa kacak. Need to improve a lot kan? Huhu.

This is me. In this picture, the eye shadow seems like black but its actually a combination of green. Light and dark green.Smokey eyes! At the bottom of eyebrow, put a highlight color so that the shape or our brow yg dh dilukis will be effctive..

This is me also. Running out of models, so make over dikpunlah. Hehe. In this pic I use two combination of purple, perfect for wedding event and it look simple rite? Not too obvious. I like. Hehe..

This is my cousin, Kak Niza <3 This is what we call V shape. can u see the V shape at the edge of the eye lid?  I use the two combination of clours that is grey and dark grey. A lil bit of black at the edge also, to darken the color. When the eye shadow is dark, u can wear just a simple lipgloss. I mean not too red nor too pink. A pale peach or nude pink would be nice. Baruk menyerlah  mata. Mun duak2 terang, berlawan jadi kaler nya.. X kacak... Hehe

This is Wani <3 Can u see the colour? anak tok muka kacak tapi ditutup nya muka. Hehe. Ok lets just talk about the eye cuz I'm more particular with the eye shadow than the rest. hehe. This is smokey eyes! My favourite. I use a combination of light and dark purple. Dark purple at the eye lid and light purple at the upper part of eye lid as u can see rite? 

Haaaa.... toklah hasil lekak brapa kali practise.. Tp perlu improve lagiklah. Mun boring rah rmh toklah kerja ku... Berdango! Hehe.. btw, if u're interested for make over u know nak pergi pengilan kakya xda org kah nak ngias time last minute. U can call me if u trust me. Promote dirik paduhal tek eh. Haha! Ok bye!