Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Every day is a hectic day in campus. Gah! When will i get my life back??? From now on, I don't have a proper sleep instead, I got to cut down my sleep because of assignments.Final test is just 5weeks to come.Time is gold and its ticking very fast and I really have to manage my timetable well. Waking up like a zombie is not a big deal anymore. Gotta get use of it.And I need to finish many assgnments before Raya. I dont wanna celebrate it with Mr.assignment. Somehow, i miss holidays, really2 miss u so bad. I miss hanging out with my friends without worrying my assignments at home. I miss to overslept everyday.I miss my tv I miss my part time job, though it's not really the best part of holiday, but still I miss it. I miss to go to the beach.I miss shopping, I miss vacations.I miss my social life. I miss everythg about holidays! I need a holiday! and yes, I can't wait for Raya! weehooo~ I cant wait to make cookies. I cant wait to meet my beloved cuzzens and have a good times. and angpau, I know i'm getting old, but mudahan2 saham angpau ku tahun tok menait..hehe. I should been given angpau as a reward of all the hardworks.. Kan? hehehe.. Raya, pliz come fast!!I been waiting u for so long. XD

Monday, August 30, 2010


happy 53th Independent day Malaysia! as a Malaysian,i'm proud to be one and I love Malaysia! Muah3..Mardeka!

p/s: i'm not really merdeka today since I have tonnes of assignments and works to do today..so chiow~

Saturday, August 28, 2010

today is a big day for momo~

as you can see the title, yes today is a big day for her.. Y?? cuz it's her first time to drive in town rite after she got her lisence. Not exactly rite after she got lisence, i mean few days afta she got one. Thumbs up for Momo....hehe.

And yes, i'm the happiest person for she got the lisence,bcoz she can 'culik2' me and we're like 'kaki ngelayo bah'. Yeehoo~ I got a lisence too, but there's a limit ofkoz. huhu.. Apparently, her parents is not strict as mine so she can 'culik' his bapak's car easily rather than me. So a ticket for us to go 'kayo2' to town selalu. hehe.

Tonite, i'm the co-pilot ofkoz. And a comment from me, "moe, jgn terlalu mesra dengan beam! u need to stay a litte far away from them!" haha..

Our motive is just going to mcD then blah, cuz she's craving for it. But me,istead of just going mcD, i pujok her to go The Hill maok survey2 barang raya, eventhough my mum had mentioned earlier not to go anywhere besides mcD. Biasala, anak tok ng degil. haha.. sorry Mak! Eventhough klua giya2 jak, tp best. hehe.. thnx Moe.

p/s: Moe, sorry tertumpah mcFlurry dlm kreta mu.. hee.. my bad. ngeee~


just wana stop by to post this pic. i found it in Zul's external and i reali like it.thnx to Zul anyway. thumbs up. i dont knw y i like this pic. myb it looks alive to me. haha..mia looks cute n tina also..n i look great. teehee.perasan! i dont knw what else to krepak, so babai. ;)

Friday, August 27, 2010


MUAHAHA.....this is the game that i play currently, and got me so addicted with it~ to tell u the truth, my laptop is virgin with games b4 this. huahuahua~ shame on me! coz i'm kinda bz melayan crita korea...hehehe.. some said this game sucks, but i like it since my army is the plant and mushrooms which protect my house. isn't it cute? hehe.. since playing this game, i've turned into Zombie lately and the reason?? duh~ assignment ofkoz! guess who is my Zombie friend? adzie, my classmates! hahaha.. i can tell that she's my zombie friend since she's the one who's always sleeping late at nite doing assignments n turn out to be Zombie the next morning. lately she ate my brain and now i'm the new member of zombie too! hehe =P BRAINS!!! who's the next victim? Azah's brain!!! hahaha~

Thursday, August 26, 2010

bingung, risau, gelisah!

Gosh! seriously i need to WORK HARD. man i've been procastinating all the time. when will i get to be serious in my studies?? this thing really bothers me lately. i always do my assgnment during last minute. last nite i couldn't sleep bcoz of worrying about my future... huhu.. seroiusly, am i going to be a good QS one day?! when it comes to this killing subject; the one and only.. my 'beloved' MEASUREMENT subject! argh~ this subject really2 brings pain in my butttttt! i still cant stand on my own foot when it comes to measurement. it's like i cant walk without my tongkat which means im still depending on someone else..

But something about my course that put me into trauma until this time. It was when we (my classmates and I) were visiting unimas for our construction site visit. There, we went to the office to get a brief explanation from a contractor of the project before going to the site. After the briefing, we were like meronda2 around the office. Then I bump into QS office where there is one guy doing his work, which is taking-off works, which is the kind of works that i will do later when i get a job as QS. The thing that put me into trauma is, when i see that the guy is so depress while doing his taking-off. But wait, not until i see the thickness of the document that is need to be done. oh my,the thickness is like 7 inch of heels, or to be precise the document was like as thick as the thickest oxford dictionary in the world! Man, no wonder the guy was so stress its like he want to punch on someone face very hard. The question is, am i going to be like this guy 5 years to come????

our first site visit! yeay...

look at the three indon over there. haha

this thg is called bar reinforcement

seriously, its very hot there. smua tok puteri lilin bah. haha

this is azah, a.k.a. deja Moss. XD

this is me. ngegeh sekejap. heee~

i'm kinda lazy to write about the visit. but it happened in unimas, fyi... just wana show some pictures :) overall, it was a cool experience! after the visit, we were attacking spring to have a lunch! hehe~

Monday, August 9, 2010

my current addiction!

Jang Geun Suk

This is him again ^.^
wo ai ni! :))

so this is my current addiction, A.N.JELL!! i just love them so much after i watch their korean drama; U're beautiful. My favourite one is Jang geun Suk. hehe~ This is not my first korean drama i ever watch but this one got me so addicted and plus with all the handsome boys in this drama, i just went crazy of them!

The story; u're beautiful is super duper fantastic! it's about, a girl name Go Mi Nam (park da ye) who pretend to be a guy and join the group(a.n.jell) to replace her brother just for a while because eye surgery. At first, the group member can't accept her bcoz she seems weird to them but then, all of the guys falling in love with her n everyone is trying to win her heart until she is finally reveal as a girl. Everyone is surprised, but then their goes triangle love between Tae hyung ( Jang Geun Suk) and Sae Hyun. Mi Nam didn't realize that she has falling in love with Tae Hyung and try to keep her feeling. This strory is very2 hilarious that got me 'goleng2 tetak atas katil'. hahah~One of the hilarious part i can't forget is when Tae Hyung was chasing by a pig at the jungle while listening to his mp3 and didn't realize that a pig is coming towards him until an old man gives him warning. hahah~ In the end of this story, Tae Hyung finally confess his love towards Mi Nam but unfortunately she has to reject sae Hyun's love and Jeremy too. I just love the ending so much. the OST give me a very deep impact in my heart, such as What should i do and My heart is calling you.

What Should I Do- Jang Geun Suk [You're beautiful OST2]