Saturday, July 24, 2010

why people always being so judgemental?

i wonder y people like to judge others.. they're always n its like their hobby to judge other people.. i knw it's human's nature judging people around's not that i dont want to accept what they think about me.. but y cant they accept me for the real me. and havent they look themselves in the mirror n realized that they r not perfect either.. people r not perfect n even their friends r not perfect too.. im sick of being around w this kind.. sometimes im not being me when im around them. i have to b like what they want me to be, n what they like to see, what they like to hear.. its just not me.. its fake! bcoz they cant accept me the way i am. come on, if u're my true friends, u will accept me the way i am.. if u dont like me for who i am then i suddenly realized now that u're not my true friend.. but i dont care now.. i love to b myself n i enjoy it.. tq :)

new chapter new life n im single! yeay!

its been a long time didnt write on my blog.. sorilah kemalasan melanda jiwa.. but hey its a new chapter of my life n sekarang dh semester 3.. wah dh jd senior.. haha.. xlah best ney biasa jak.. just that bla dh jd senior byk org senyum dgn kta.. so kena rajin lah senyum balit.. last semester i didnt achieve well on my result. i got really frustated.. yalah bermain jak2.. bla gk nak serius?? myb this semester? i hope so.. so dh sem 3.. azam pun mesti tinggi n hati mok makin cekal. haha skema li jak.. i want to study hard this sem n myb netauk ada rezeki dpt anugerah dekan. jeles dgn fai mala jak dekan.. ney boleh kalah tok! hehe. cayok2 n blaja kuat2!