Thursday, May 26, 2011

Practical yow~

2 more days to go for practical.. OMG, which means 2 days left of my precious holidays!! i'm excited plus hmmm what can i say... working on saturday while everyone else is enjoying their weekend.. erghhh..a lil bit kesian lah for me working until saturday.. ko phm... sehari ngak cuti dlm seminggu... xda life ehhh... dolok netak reza, kinektok turn aku dh! hahah.. rasakan

anyways, i'm going to do my best during the period.. i know i'm slow in learning, but i will put higher effort and take this opportunity to learn about QS.. all this while, we're learning the theory but this time i'm learning how to practic it in real life.. a bit excited rite?

well i know, there'll be a lot of pressure here and there.. sbb time pektikal jak ada high potency mok naitkan CGPA.. but i dont want any pressure this time, i just want to enjoy learning and gain lot of knowledge! berkobar2 tok! hahah..

k bye! will update u later.. muah~

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

happy but not enough

hey there, my result just came out last nite.. i PASS! which means i'm going to prectical next semester.. yeay me~

unfortunately, i'm not really happy with my pointer.. at first i dont care bout it, juss wanna pass. when i know everybody's else, i mean my classmates did better than me, greater result, i felt so upset...pointer nait, tp ngak sejemput!  sigh~ of all the hardworks and sacrifice i made but still didnt pay off...

i wish i knew my weekness and do it better next time... yeah.. i guess..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

that's not true

before i sleep, there's one song which one of its sentence always playing in my head. it's this song call price tag. there goes this sentence: why does everybody so upset?? MONEY CAN'T BUY US HAPPINESS. there u go. money can't buy us happiness?? lie lie lie. disagree! bangkang! how can u be happy without money?? when everything in life is all about money. it hurts me to make the statement.  i'm not telling that i'm some kind of "mata duitan", gold digger or anything that cross ur mind. but its the fact ok... there's no more love can bring u happiness without money in this need for me to explain about it, fhm sendiriklah nak.. hish..that song ah... nonsense... y dont u chage the lyric to YES MONEY CAN BRING US HAPPINESS.hahaha... ya jak tek sbenanya... =.=' ok ngerco... Gudnite yall!

ketulahan yg amat

ini sudah melampau! ada patut kentut depan muka org?! kejadian ini b'laku semasa memilih kain di kamdar... sedang sibuk melihat comforter, tba2 terdengar seorg perempuan melepaskan gas beracun dgn bunyi yg halus tp msh lagi kedengaran...  ko igt aku bengal x dgr kau kentut???? pandey kau kaber ohhh...diam jak nya tepi sukut. hahahha... kimen bna.... sekian terima kasih.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Pejam celik pejam celik, x berasa dh 20 dh umo tok...semakin hari semakin tua diri ini.. Somehow i wish to stop growing up because i'm kinda afraid of getting old! hahah.. well, that's the fact i guess. People are fear to get older cuz how much we really enjoy to be young and stay forever young and have fun thus get carried away of it. 

As i grow older, i'm really eager to have fun in mylife, so i want to enjoy my life while i can cuz life is too good and too short to be wasted! and i still don't have enough of it hehe. Well, life is all about having fun isn't it? Do it like Rebecca's style! "FUN FUN FUN think about FUN" hahaha! But still we need to remember, just don't get 'overdose' of it cuz we need something to achieve in life too..

p/s: Nothing really change when reaching 20 cuz i still use those cartoon panties. Hahahah! i bet u do too girls =P  

Friday, May 6, 2011

Ding Dong!

whoah! hello readers! IT'S been ages rite.. berhabuk, berlabah2 dh blog tok ehhhh... kaseh... Sorry blog for being abandon, been busy with this hectic life! well, it's holiday again! fuhhh.. no more worries about assignment and everything ^.^ anyways i will update everything later on ok. Since its holiday, i have lots of things on my mind, lots of thing's going on and lots of fun activities to be updated! hehe... smell ya later! XOXO

ngegeh nak... hahahah.. boring ba..