Thursday, May 27, 2010

yeay aisha single agik!!

ok i fail again i ok and we remain rite, i never doing this in my life b4. but this current relationship i had, pecah record babe... 5 bulan lebih.. haha.. pecah record glak lah ya.. so many thgs i've learn about love.i try to fix it but i cant. but 8least saya tidak lari dr masaalah. this time im very patient with it n didnt rush in making decisions. bangga saya eh.. i found it love need us to be patience n cant be force.. i realize that i always easily give my heart to someone that i hardly even knw and ended up hurting myself. so next time i'll be waiting for my true love.. i will not try to find it, but love find me... like they always said, easy come easy go rite? i think it is very2 true.. kan dh terkena kat diri sendiri.. padan muka ko Aisha! haha..

but being single is not that bad.. boleh cuci mata tanpa rasa bersalah.. wuhuu!! ^.^ x perlu jaga hati org lain gk.. and tidak lagi terkongkong. i can do whatever i want n whenever i want...oo yeah best nya.. :)

anyways, i will never give up in searching my true love.. cayok2 aisha..