Sunday, January 9, 2011

my sick obsession

I got this sick obsession which I never mention it in my blog except for my twitterlah ofcourse. Twitter update sikit. Hehe. Well guys, am totally obsess with make up, you know that girl stuff. I get really excited whenever I see, I touch, I rub and I play (Lol) make up for example eye shadow. Bro, u dunno how obsess I am with those stuff am serious. I can spend like 1 hour dlm kedey make up ajak! and I stare at one eye shadow like 10 minutes I guess. Eventhough I didn't buy it after those long stares Haha, I got so happy u know. Few days ago I bought  new eye shadow with 8 colors complete with the brushes. U dont know how much it made my day!! Hahaha. Seriuosly. The moment I reached home after buying those, alu ngetest! Ko paham ng kejeron. Haha!

Eventually, am not the kind that use 2 inch or maybe 3inch of make up to classes or shopping mall. That is so 25 haha. Am still 19 ok.. I just use simple make up but eventhough simple, but it's a must. Hehe .Just when I have a big event like dinner or pengilan nikah, boleh ku ngeluar skill ku berias. Lol. Rasa pandey gilak jak. Am just a beginner and there's a lot I still need to learn. This obsession has become my secret ambition. I wanna be a make up artist!! Like seriously, it is really a cool job and I always imagining myself in the make up room make up-ing the artist with those complete make up set and brushes sponsored by Mac, Bobbi Brown, or Loreal perhaps. I wanna wanna wanna! bestkan mun jadi kenyataan.

I practised a lot, so here are some pictures of my make over session. Sorry x brapa kacak. Need to improve a lot kan? Huhu.

This is me. In this picture, the eye shadow seems like black but its actually a combination of green. Light and dark green.Smokey eyes! At the bottom of eyebrow, put a highlight color so that the shape or our brow yg dh dilukis will be effctive..

This is me also. Running out of models, so make over dikpunlah. Hehe. In this pic I use two combination of purple, perfect for wedding event and it look simple rite? Not too obvious. I like. Hehe..

This is my cousin, Kak Niza <3 This is what we call V shape. can u see the V shape at the edge of the eye lid?  I use the two combination of clours that is grey and dark grey. A lil bit of black at the edge also, to darken the color. When the eye shadow is dark, u can wear just a simple lipgloss. I mean not too red nor too pink. A pale peach or nude pink would be nice. Baruk menyerlah  mata. Mun duak2 terang, berlawan jadi kaler nya.. X kacak... Hehe

This is Wani <3 Can u see the colour? anak tok muka kacak tapi ditutup nya muka. Hehe. Ok lets just talk about the eye cuz I'm more particular with the eye shadow than the rest. hehe. This is smokey eyes! My favourite. I use a combination of light and dark purple. Dark purple at the eye lid and light purple at the upper part of eye lid as u can see rite? 

Haaaa.... toklah hasil lekak brapa kali practise.. Tp perlu improve lagiklah. Mun boring rah rmh toklah kerja ku... Berdango! Hehe.. btw, if u're interested for make over u know nak pergi pengilan kakya xda org kah nak ngias time last minute. U can call me if u trust me. Promote dirik paduhal tek eh. Haha! Ok bye!