Monday, April 19, 2010

i don't have title for this

its just my heart that want to speak...
its sumthng that always pop out in my mind...
n somethg that makes me wonder...
what if the guy u always love n always be with is not meant for u..
what if u gave all of ur love to him, but in the end, u n him is not togethr..
what if love is not meant for u..
what if u're a failure in love
what if in the end, u turn out into 'andartu'.. pray for God it will not happen to me
what if there is no happy ever after in ur life

p/s: i dont have any answer for that.. its just my heart that speaks. T.T. the rest i leave it to God that will decide.. im just a human.. i just pray for God there is a happy ever after in my life..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

i hate that i love u

  • i hate it i hate it i hate it! u make me burst into cry when i miss u at nite
  • i hate that u ignore me, when i hardly wana see ur face! jgn lah jual mhl! ( i knw im the one who used to jual mhl n 4get about u)
  • i hate that what goes around comes around..
  • i hate that i cried cuz i dont wana lose u..
  • i hate everythg about u, when i love everythg about u..
p/s: i miss u while im learning Construction technology.. huhu door pun dh slh lukis dh!! argh!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

our last class APD2Q1 2010!

Omg how time goes so fast! today is our last class for semester 2..huhuhuhu... how i wish i can turn back time n roll everythg again.. APD2Q1 is Rock! we had fun during this smester n myb a lot of drama too.. well, human nature.. i dont mind.. kinda enjoy with it. haha.. life wthout drama xbest..XD

but yeah, hope that we'll be 2gthr again for next semester cuz we well be shuffled randomly..huhuh... why they have to shuffle us when we already have our own clique?? they gona seperate us.. T.T how sad...

Now we gotta focus for final examination.. what a stress week! i hope everythg goes well.. God plis guide me to answer the final paper.. im so worried cuz im still weak in Measurement. .Gosh. i hope i will pass.. Study mode now people! gudluck to me n hope that i'll succeed. Amin!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Qs Magical Night 2010 at Grand Continental

dinner QS finally! we've been working it out all week! thnx to syazwani, azah farizah n adzie.. the dinner was succeed dgn cemerlang. haha.. they had decorated the hall dgn cantik skali.. haha.. the preparation b4 dinner? jgn dtanyak.. nang kamboh kmk org... b4 dinner, kmk org smua bkumpul d rumah wani.. im the mak andam of the day.. haha.. ng kamboh jak ngias org.. first ku ngias adzie, kakya azah, then nad.. sori wani x sempat ngias ktk.. nasib msh igt ilmu mengandam.. hehe.. kacak juak lah cdak tek dkemas ku... *wink.

we're the earliest that arrived at grand conti.. i was amazed by the decoration that they did.. well done guys! the hall is full with people around 7.. apa gk, photoshoot lah... XD afta that the dinner started at 8..dinner dmulakan dgn ucapan by our kp, Encik faiz followed by our senior part 6, Hisham.then makan2. the food was fabulous! yummy... after menjamu selera, i performed by singing lagu Janji Manis mu.. haha can u imagine? very old school. what ever lah janji puas ati afta blagu mlm xtauk lah sumbang kah x. tyk dgn penonton yg mendengar.hehe.. *wink. pendekkan crita, the dinner was very happening. thnx kpd sesiapa yg dtg ke dinner mlm ya.. n thnx cuz menghappening kan the Qs magical nite..