Thursday, October 28, 2010

check in

seriously, swimming dekat mp nang boring.

let's show some love sista. but that's not enuf. next time jak.

it's like i'm in another world, kan? far from the crazyness of final exam gave me. ngeh.

lastly, mmuah! u're welcome =P

nothing much to say. just want to upload some piccha. enjoy :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

suddenly i miss the old times. where have they gone?

i love pictures and how wonderful it is the way it makes me rewind back all the sweet memories and great people i met in my life. i miss all of u guys!

haezel jak xda.. i miss u too zel :)

Miley Cyrus- I Miss you w/lyrics


congratulation girl! u have shown ur true colour.. i hesitate u no more. so long..

meet Danish

hye! my name is Danish and i'm not a girl as u think i am. nice to meet u

do u believe it now? i'm gonna be a hot guy in school one day with 6 packs on my abs :D

oh this was really funny. wait. i mean HILARIOUS!

I'm gonna tell u about this st0ry whis is hardly or never happen to anyone else BUT Wani. happened last nite, 2.30 am while me and azah was chatting. Wani was sleeping then suddenly awake after listening to me n azah gossiping. yeah, she is allert when it comes to gossip thingy. here it goes

wani: aisha2! mintak aek
me: apahal??
wani: ada org..
me: org apa??? (dh sempek dh tek)
*here it goes the hilarious part*

me n azah was like perey2 goleng tas katil tahan perut. bahahahahahahaahah! xterkata... hanya ketawa jak ku mampu lakukan pada masa itu.. this is really a funny story rite? rite?? i mean who in the world will accidently eating a mosquito?? hahahahah! if its not funny pliz leave ur comment. heh..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

regarding to my previous post

oh, let's put it this way. let's just forget about love thingy and just focus about life~ final exam is just around the corner so let's focus and turn your study mode on, ok? can't wait for final exam to finish and start my holiday!! whooowaaaweee~

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

did i blew it?

oh gosh.. u know what mr, u're everything that's on my mind rite now.. & i lose all my focus bcoz of you.. hah. what do i do? is this love? i'm not so sure whether it's love or just a crush. but u have all that it takes to win my heart which is hardly occur with the rest of the guys. u're smart, that comes first as i considered that smart guy is so damn hot. second, u're FUNNY. i love funny guy who can entertain me in a creative way and on their own ways. thirdly, u're chinese + japanese looking guy which is kinda a new taste of mine, despite that u're not too tall which i really don't mind. its totally cute. *wink.

but the fact that u don't do relationship??? that's the biggest part that hurt me the most, mr. why?? i knw u have explained it to me very well and i understand it but thank god u're not gay. but urgh! after i found the perfect guy after all this while, he dont do relationship? life is cruel isn't it??? T.T

Sunday, October 10, 2010

afta sleeping on it

if I have to lose my pride just to rescue our friendship, then i'm willing to do it rather than losing you.. i know it will hurt me, but to have a bestfriend but to ended up to be ur enemy, that is not cool.. if i can handle it with my ex boyfriends, why can't i give it a chance to you.. but i need some more times.. its not easy for me to forgive you easily, but Rasulullah had ordered us to forgive between each other and there is a 'hikmah' for all tht happened. i just need time to settle down and I hope you will understand my dearest friend..

Saturday, October 9, 2010

i want my life back!

huhuh... life is different now, totally.. my life has changed drastically.. somehow, i want my life back when everything was perfect and normal.. now i'm living like a 'pelarian'. during weekend after going back from uitm, we're staying at this uncle, sometimes this aunty.. we din't live at our own house cuz mom can't stand at home. its like something is disturbing her.. i miss home. it's not comfortable to live at someone's else home, i miss my bed my tv room and my study desk especially... & somehow i need my own space. i even don't have time for myself.. hmm... maybe i'm being rude for nagging all this.. i'm sorry.. but this is what i felt..i need space for myself.. no one understand how i feel but only God knows.. huhu.. n i miss u Dad... especially ur stupid jokes n the way u make fun of urself.. i guess this is life.. i can't be happier than before. i need someone to entertain me to make feel great about this pathetic life i have :(