Wednesday, September 29, 2010


sakit rasa nyawa rindu ngn bapak eh. sakit glak2.. huhuuu... mek beraie ngn ktk pak... T.T

i tell you.. *pointing finger

This is too much ok! too much. Feels like im gonna explode in any time. Gah!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Someone ruined my mood & yeah, i have no mood to do my topic for final public speaking this evening. thnx!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

i miss u already! :(

I miss u Dad! Huhuhu..Since the incident, God has took u away from us, forever. and yeah, it was four days before raya..When all of ur baju melayu,sampin and slepar raya have all been prepared :( Me, Mak and Ani celebrating raya wthout u Dad.. Wish u are here with us. Jealous ngga org lain raya gk maseh ada bpk. Taking pictures with the whole family. The family member is complete. Last year kmk dh suroh Abg Nazar ambik gamba kta sefamily, tp bpk x maok..We even fought for that smll thing. Kan tahun tok dh x sempat nak gamba kta sefamily.. =( Its like a hurricane hit me in my heart. I may look strong outside, and yet happy, but the truth is I miss u badly, pak. Xda org gk pakey kmk klaie dekat rumah.. Kelaie dgn adik x best..huhuh...I miss ur stupid jokes,I miss ur sweet smile, I miss ur face. If I can see u in my dream, that will be enough just to hold u for the last time.Whenever I see ur pictures, I cry badly.. why God took u away when I still need u, we need u, I never have enough of ur love.. I didn't even have the chance to speak to u on ur last day in this world. U were sleeping after I went back home that night. I dont have the heart to wake u up, so I just passed by. If I knew that was ur last day, I will spend that all nite with u Pak and ask for ur forgiveness. I knw I've made a lot of mistakes to u. I know that u're always damn worried about me cuz kmk salu nengkar bapak nak? X dengar kata.. I'm so sorry Pak.. I will always remember ur advice and will never forget our sweet memories together, Through our hardship, I will learn this life as well as cherishing it. Thanx for all the lesson of life u've thought me to make me a better person.

Skarang bpk dah x ada.. Mcm2 bnda jak kmk ngan Mak lalui Pak.Mesti bpk ssh ati ninggal kmk org nak? Dhlah kmk tok manjak, smua kerja bpk molah.P bpk boh bingong, start from now on, mek nak blaja jadi independent. .But deep inside Im scared and hesitate, I dunno whether Im ready or not to carry a big responsible to take care of Mak and adik. Bpk trust kmk x? Mun bpk trust kmk Insyaallah we will be fine. I promise I will study hard and take care of Mak and Adik, eventhough it's a hard job for 19 years immatured girl like me to carry such responsibility, but I'll try my best. Kmk kan anak bpk. I will make u proud, my dearest Dad. Semoga roh bpk dicucuri rahmat & berada dikalangan kekasih2 Allah. Amin.. Al-Fatihah.

I love u so much and sorry I never said it to u, but u know I do love u right :(