Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Life so far is nothing but work work & doing the responsiblities. Everyday is the same and am getting a lil bored of it. Dont really fancy my job actually after seing it, oberved it and done it! QS is nothing but "Quli Selamanya". That's the term i gave for it. No doubt, its a professional job.. Yeah, professional . Kuli professional in my perception. Smua qs, ya qs tok qs juak molah mpun jak smua... Is that my future gonna be like in 5 to 6 years to come?? being a kuli? 

I spend my time a lot, thinking of it.. since i dont wanna take my future lightly.. So i'm thinking of changing my course during dgree..hopefully i pass the diploma then changing the course. I mean, what for doing the job that we dont have passion in doing it?? Nothing but depression.

But being in construction industry, u dont complain of having NO LIFE, cuz ur life is the work u're doing. U dont mention about how less the time u spend on ur family and ur frens. That's the reality. 

Anyways, cut the crap. Im thinking of changing to be site supervisor, or construction manager. Something like less being instructed and more like giving instruction! =P Something that's no need to do the measuremnt lame kind of thing. Something that is more at the site than in the office. But my skin is to be sacrificed! Lol. Like seriously it happened. The chinese guy (eg: site officer,site eng.) in the office look so tanned. So instead of looking like Lee he turn to look more like ermm Raju?? lol. So am going to think wisely about it. Its not just about a job, but our own capability is to be measured. 'Mok jd doktor tp sains fail.' That's what i meant.

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