Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let me tell you what happened last nite!

it was 2 a.m in the morning when Mum and Ani were having a boyfren girlfren issue while i'm trying to have a sleep!

They always fight for that small thing which really irritates me ok! Why mum take it seriously if my sister are having a boyfren. So what?? When will u open your mind Mum? i'm getting sick of it, i'm sorry, i love u btw. And here they go again:

Mum: ktk kol sapa tek ni?
Ani: kwn kmk ya mak
Mum: kwn kah gerek ktk ya? Demi Allah ya kwn ktk?
Ani: aok mak kwn kmk ajak ya!
Mum: ktk jgn nak bulak mamak ah. ktk dh sumpah demi Allah ya. mun ktk bulak siap ktk oleh mamak
Ani: aok eh. dh sumpah pun x cyk juak. ish!

ME: hello!!!! i'm trying to sleep here!!! dini ari tok ehhh. isok2 lah klaie ow!

like seriously i'm getting sick of it! they even fought in the car and anywhere they want just because of that boyfren girlfren issue. X lmk gila palak ku! argh!

i'm officially..

a BAD driver!  I heard it so many times already! Especially my mum. She always complain that i'm a bad bad driver that she might get a heart attack! That's y I told u to get a lisence faster mum!  hehe. who else?? oh yea, my sister and my beloved friends: Mia, Zahrah, Fifah and me myself.  I admit it, i'm a bad driver and am proud to be it as long as am still under control. :D like seriously I have fun driving so wild in the road. ahahah. Not everytime, just sometime when boredom strikes I guess.

The last time was with Zahrah and Fifah on our way to santubong. Man, what a journey. Plg memalukanlah part kreta mati depan laki2 hot yg tengah bersantai di tepi bas sekolah. Malu sungguh! But still we had fun. Kan kan? hehe. I will not forget that. And the last last time was with Mia, and i was so blur that morning but i didn't go wild, just my mind so slow i dunno y. We almost get knock by a car and luckily we're still alive. Thank God Mia shouted at me or else I didn't realize the car was so close to us. Then she was like perey 'kau nak pahal pagi tok?!' Sorry mia. Boh jerak. heheh.

Plus, there's always sounds of car horn everytime I drive on the road, which means everyday lo... hahaha. So betullah, I'm a bad driver. Do you mind to have a ride with me? Be my guest. Teehee.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

ohh ok.

Let me tell u how it feels of being single for 6 months. wuhoo! 6 months man! Break the record baby.. I'm so proud of meself. Hehe. Like seriously, I never been single for this long. Previously, I give my heart easily to any guy and get hurt in return. See. I told u, I have improving myself. For being able to protect my heart from any kind of possibility to get hurt. 

So what do I like n dislike of being single? 

  1. Jimat kredit lah. Ng jimat abis ehh. Rm5 dpt stay 4 ari arumbulak.
  2. Cuci Mata Randomly
  3. Crush over someone randomly. Like everyday I have a new crush on any different guy.
  4. I go out with any guy 
  5. Freedom baby.
  6. Don't need to take care of partner's heart and feeling
  7. It really teaches me to be patient when loneliness strikes me.
  8. Get to know myself better. Like what I want in life what I'm looking in guy
  9. I met so many type of guy and learn so many things about them. Guys are complicated too after a research. Only some of them lah.. =)
  10. I feel independent now. Yeah, when I have boyfren, I depend on them a lot. 
  1. When u hang out with friends that have boyfriend, they forget u easily. 
  2. I feel really empty. Though I have lots of friends that really superb in entertaining job, but there's always a room for emptiness. I don't know why. Myb its a human nature.
  3. I need kaseh syg lah. Like seriously I miss all the hugs n kisses. :D
  4. I dislike the fact that everyone needs someone. Which is so TRUE 
  5. I'm much happy when i'm not single. harharhar
  6. I don't want to flirt with any random guy cuz after a while I get bored of it eventhough I found that it's cool at first. I need just one person who I can flirting around everyday. Only one guy who i called boyfren.
  7. When I see a happy couple, I always wondering. Ohhh how I miss the moment.
  8. I need someone who can take care of me besides my family and my friends.
As you can see, the Like list is more than the Dislike. So shud I stay single longer? Let me decide. Hehe. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010


listen. i seriously don't care anymore.. why wud i bother?? u are wasting ur energy dear. shoot me all you want. cuz i'm bulletproof now. =) 

Friday, November 26, 2010


Hello there.. It's 12.13am and I can't sleep so I feel like blogging and share something that I learned today.

People get sick and heal. That's just the way it is and a disease is actually a gift from God. Yeah, many people know that. But I bet, only half of us (Muslim) know that a disease is actually a way that God trying to clean our sin. Not all of it but only a tiny miny of it since we're human being we made so many mistakes. The worst the disease, the greater amount of our sin being washed away by Allah. Don't you feel thankful for it?? So muslims, even when u get fever, or flu, don't feel bad about it cuz a little bit of ur sin is just being deducted from ur old record and it will help u to balance the scales in padang masyar later on.  Instead of cursing, why not Alhamdulillah? 'Alhamdulillah aku demam.Ada juak dosa ku diampunkan Tuhan aritok'. Simple. Instead of 'bodo demam tok'. So, renung2kanlah..

What I wrote just now really reminds me of my late date. =( 
He's been through a lot and he was a strong man. Eventhough sometimes he get weak and questioned 'knk byk glak dugaan dlm idup bpk'. Then I anwered 'sabar jak pak, ktk mesti kuat. Boh cpt glak give up, kmk org gk perlukan bpk'.  Watching him get sick but can do nothing, it sucks. It's like u really can feel the pain that he been through. Now, he's gone life must go on. What a good daughter can do to repay back for her father is just a pray to God. Alhamdulillah, like i said the worst the disease, the greater our sin being forgiven by Allah. That's the treasure that my Dad had gained in his life after all of the pain and hardship. Tp dosa dan pahala smua di tgn Allah kita sbg hamba hanyalah berserah. A strong person is someone who is willing to survive in life and never give up to praise of Allah . =)


You are HOT just the way u are..

You don't need a minute to melt to this guy, cuz you just need a second to die rite after looking at his smile. His smile can make billion of ladies going crazy. Seriously, girls who won't fall for this smoking hot guy in the world are blind. It's a fact, ladies. ngee.. To me, he's one of the sexiest man alive that make me go Ulala~ a very horny statement but yet comes rite from the bottom of my heart. I seriously fall in love with u mr. wow! Can u pliz let me hold ya?? 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

random things that i do

i always do something that is not plan but end up having fun doing it. <3 Me and adek was reluctant to go back home after sending Mom to work so I decided to go Boyan for a walk. a very rare thing to do anyway. After a walk we had this conversation.

Me: apa kata kta nait penambang mesti best ow.
Ani: apa kata kakak tok. mamak bego kelak
Me: aieh, iboh lah pdh ngn mamak. ileklah kakak ada bah
Ani: ok janji boh pdh mamak bego nya kelak
Me: yeay!! ju lah!

people I warn u, if u're not that brave enough nait penambang, don't do it. I was scared at first eventhough yesterday was not my first time nait penambang but I always scared everytime I do it. Rasa nak karam jak perauk ya time aku nait ehhh. Ng mulut ku sorg lah bisin. Kamboh. Haha. But i'm glad that we make it. We went for a walk at town and my sis can't stop nagging of the hot weather. and here we go again.

Ani: panas na juak ehh. apalah polah kta berjalan d ctok..
Me: aie rilek lah bkn slalu pun kta berjemor kdk tok.. xlah lalu itam. nakkah ani
        suka kayo2
Ani: kakak x hal kakak puteh! Ani tok itam! makin lah itam berjemor kdk tok.
Me: x terkata gk. *perey!* hahahahahah! tedah nya lok..

we walk walk walk and snap snap snap. eventhough my sis can't stop nagging, but actually she had fun doing it. I can see it in her eyes. Lol. so here are some pictures that we took during an adventures(mine the spelling) walk at town. Haha. 

p/s: i love u sis for making my wish come true. ngehngeh

Monday, November 22, 2010

nothing feels better than manicure with gf

manicure with girlfren? It's like a medicine to every girl I guess. when I was stress, manicure is my treatment after all.. this combination of colors had brighten up my day and make me feel happy. happy happy happy =D chilling up with Pipah a.k.a pipot yesterday was fun. long time no see and we had a great time. *wink. Next, we're planning to do this girl stuff thingy at Zahrah's crip a.k.a jarut. Ambush! holiday cpt2 honey. ok, gtg XOXO

Saturday, November 20, 2010

i'm glad i'm happy tonite

yeay finally i'm happy even just for a while but i'm thankful that i'm happy. talking to you, its like taking a medicine. a genius answer from u make me feel great eventhough i hav tonnes of problem awaits. one simple answer or should i call it an opinion gives hope again in my life. feels like i wanna hug u rite now! no wonder u will be a doctor one day cuz u sure can heal the pain of ur patient someday. thnx dr. =)

Friday, November 19, 2010

antapp ehh

knk nya x antap gk ya~ xpa sbr jaklah... org molah gya.. sbr sparuh dr iman walaupun dh patah ati...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Let's burn some fats!

a healthy life style began yesterday when I started to practise myself to jog everyday! wuhoo! I hope I'm not 'abu2' this time cuz my body is getting 'montel' so me kinda worried about it. Jogging was fun especially when u do it early morning than doing it in evening because there's more fresh air and the perfect sunlight.. not too hot and me like it. yesterday I jogged at state library but it was nothing much and the view is boring~ besides, yesterday was a bad record cuz I only jogged for only two rounds.

This morning, I jogged at the reservoir and it was fun. The view there is perfect and I found that jogging is fun and healthy u know. Why didn't I do it earlier?? if the old man and lady can do it, why can't us?? so I don't want to waste this holiday by just lie down in the bed and doing nothing but accumulate fats in my body.. that is such a mean thing to do to my body. So people, let's start a healthy life today and let's burn fats! Jogging rocks! haha. Lol

look at me, I look so montel from the back n I just realize it! damn~

p/s: bait2 jogging rah tmn reservoir ya, org tua sia lanji2. hahahah~

Penyalahgunaan FB

byk2 bnda, fb juak dsalh guna org ow.. firstly, tujuan fb is k kta crk kwn, tp kinektok trend dh berubah. Fb k molah musuh dhl.. knk nya x nak... bkn main ah bersindir2 dlm fb. mun nak nganok ya, pdh dpn muka ehh. knk dlm fb juak. X matured lalu juak.. knk cuak kah? dlm fb bkn main nya lah hero/heroin nyindir org... mun nak nganok ya face to face~ org mok face to face x maok.. kakya nya bergasak nyindir dlm fb. kdklah org xtauk ow. org ada otak lah weii~ geram ati ku tok ehh. betol molah dosa jak... so for your info, mun ada mslh kah anok dpn muka k darling?? kta selesai face to face. bok bujang kit pok. bok slesai mslh! saya akan melayan ada sebaik yg termampu.... =)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

raya haji~

i hope i'm not too late to wish everyone a happy raya haji!=) raya aji yesterday was awesome! accept that i get touchy watching the sapi get sembelih. kesian... huhu. anyways, meeting all the cuzzens , gathering, berloya, berdango, it was really fun! :D

i'm gonna miss them.. today everything is back to normal..everyone is bz with their own life.. some of my cuzzens are going back to miri and kl.. sigh~ lmk gk nak temu cdak tok gk koh.. how i wish all of my kazen are here at kuchg. life wud be so much fun having them here! sob2. sunyek kmk kat kuchg tok.. huhu..

anyways, holiday is back! =) i been waiting for it. no more lame post of hating exams and paper on facebook or twitter becoz final exam is over baby! hello holiday, we meet again. .i got so much plan for this hols. =D

Thursday, November 11, 2010

time to ngerepak-ing

sometimes when i think of love, it's a funny thing isn't it? Just a flash back of my past experience in relationship for example. It went like this: kmk syg ktk GILA, u're my EVERYTHING, ssh mok crk pengganti ktk lps tok, we gonna GET MARRIED trust me, u're the one & bla2...

when u think of it again, n how much u have wasted on one box of tissue for crying over a guy, it is really funny. i mean it babe. where's the promise gone? it's actually just a typical dramatic line that we use in relationship and after a break up, you will find someone new, somehow a lot better than previous one. There is no istilah such as ssh mk carik pengganti ktk lps tok. Lie. Tampar palak. Haha. trust me.

What am trying to say is don't take is seriously of this love stuff. U can love and be loved. Who doesn't want it rite? Find someone that suits u, and if it doesn't just MOVE ON! Enjoy ur life darling. u knw what am saying? :))

c you later, toodles. XOXO

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i hate exams!

yes, i really hate exam. Y? becoz it makes my hormone unbalance.. Im easily getting moody, sad, lonely,stress,pressure,angry, hungry, everythg! all in one and its hard to control it. damn~ why everything seems difficult & complicated??

today was sucks! yes it is sucks. i'm craving for mcD and i can't have it today. and i cried for that.. see.. i easily waste my tears on nothing important. that's y i hate exams! i hate it hate it hate it!!

plus, he's being so cold to me today, or am i getting too sensitive?? bitch. i feel like a 6months pregnant woman with unbalance hormone. T.T

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sorry for the stupid things

it sucks when u woke up in the morning, all the flash back of ur stupid things that u've done in life haunting u back n make u feel so down. even worst, it made u feel weak n no stregth to begin the day.. it's like u called it a day remembering ur faults.

and i start to cry for all the stupid things i've done in past, wish i can turn back time and erase them all. but someone told us, we don't need an eraser to erase all our wrong, bcoz it make us, us today. it gives us stregth to be a better man.. what she said is true.. but still, there is a regret in life that someone kept in to itself n yes, i got it too..