Friday, July 27, 2012

it's makeover time! :D

Hello everyone, and i hope it's not too late to wish all muslims Happy Ramadhan! alhamdulillah we meet again in this very noble month and may this Ramadhan bring us all blessing..

Anyways, i've been wanting to post my makeover photos long time ago and finally today i decided to post this picture to show you all. Finally! 

These are all my collection of makeover photos. (sori xda muka org lain..hehe) Enjoy.

This is my aunty.. Tq sbb sudi jd model sekejap. Hehe

This is me.. Sorry for the poor quality of picture.

This is me again.. Smokey eyes!

and me again..

  That's all.. next time i'm going to update new photos of my makeover session.. hopefully        
   ada org sudi mok jadi model k hias.. Hehe..            

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